Members' Lambrettas

jacko 1
Lambretta tv175 series two,
fully suited and booted from the
Mark Jackson stable of Lambrettas
Mark Jackson
 Superb Grand Prix, silver/ candy red paint
jacko4 The Mark Jackson Collection ,eenie meenie,minnie,mo!!!!!!!!
sallys series 2 026
Sally Bolton
 lambretta LI 125 Series two, in white /blue.
chris 2010li
Chris Lawder
 freshly restored LI Series 3/ 60's racer, with Mugello186 motor  and period accesories,another quality restoration by Chris .
paul ellis tv175
Paul Ellis's
 immaculate Lambretta TV 175, as innocenti as they come.part of Paul's ever growing collection
of pristine Lambrettas.
kiwi new
fully restored gp in 2/tone purple and white, not to be confused with Phil Mumbys OKEH!
GP in similar colours see below.
Excellent work on both these scoots.
 Super Black 1966 LI Special, with period lights etc,
sporting a tuned Muggello 225cc engine, another OKEH 's member from
the early 70's now cruising with the BLOC!
securedownload gaz DTC
Gaz Beckets
 amazing DTC AF RAYSPEED ,All Italian Grand Prix that can be seen in it's previous paint
job as the reflex painted stone island, further down the page, superb paint by Joe Jackson in the DTC
-ROSA BIANCA- (it's a Yorkshire thing)
carl mumby
Carl Mumby's
 Sixties SUPERTUNE li Special, stunning......
pete h 2011
Pete Haslam.
 Stunning Rb balls out racer, attention to detail is stunning, many unique partsand much thought has gone in to Pete's lambretta, not for the faint hearted. Further down in this gallery section is the first incarnation of this awsome scooter.
 stunning little 75cc (cento),another stunning innocenti lambretta.
tom shreck
Tom Hall.
you,ve seen the movie now it's the cutdown lambretta"SHRECK"
Again full ts1 motor and superb art work.
Find us on Flickr. We have galleries of photos from rallies from the 1970's to the present day.
Darryl Elliott
Li series 3 175cc. As the photo shows another fine example of the slimstyle series 3.  Brought up from Swindon with Darryl now resides in Blackpool.
paul ellis sx150
Paul Ellis
AWSOME SX150 with lots of extras and trim.
gaz becket
Gaz Beckett
Italian gp with kitted motor Stone Island theme plenty of added extras &  one off parts.please see the new paint job and engine spec at the beginning of our gallery
joe ogara

Joe O'GaraStunning Innocenti Lambretta sx 150 (kitted) very well restored in white and candy apple with matching oxblood seat, legshield toolbox. Now painted in  the original apple green photo's soon

lyndon li

Lyndon Greene

This is Lyndon's awesome Lambretta series 2, in a hot rod style. Plenty of detailing from the bespoke seat design to the twin disc brakes,eibar mudguard, very trick filled body: the list goes on. Well done Hector!!!
mark parkinson

Mark Parkinson

Lambretta gp200,with PM expansion pipe, ancillotti seat, in a very bright electric blue. Another excellent GP.
verde melia dl 200 1
Martin Kane
 Innocenti 200dl electronic replica in Verde Melia,full ground up restoration and build,origional frame was a chopper now back on the road as a full bodied Lambretta using as all Italian parts, including the famous front legshield carrier by Tower carriers of Blackpool .
Even has a innocenti factory vin plate!!??
gaz mason jet

Gaz Masons

Fully restored Jet 200, classic colour scheme of bright red and silver with subtle chrome accessories.

paul livsey sx200


Paul Livesey's SX 200

Beautiful restoration of this Italian classic, a very well  loved scooter, and it gets ridden everywhere just as Innocenti intended. All credit to Paul. One of his stable of scooters.



 (HARRY) LI 150(175) SERIES 2,1960. Original paint from Innocenti azzuri metallic blue. Imported via Rimini Lambretta in 2006, has 175 top end 22ml dellorto ancillott pipe. Great unrestored condition classic series 2. Too good for restoration

Lee Waring (Eddy)

Italian grand prix 200, with rapido kit big carb and pipe set up as a motorway tourer and rally machine. Attention to detail includes colour coded matching race seat, pathfinder spots etc,Eddy's next creation coming soon


Peter Haslem

Full blown genuine AF built rb, not for the faint hearted. Another fine example of  a street-custom. A lot of detail has gone into this build. Great looking scooter.
Pete also smokes around on his series 2 .photos coming soon
jeff riding
Jeff Newton
 fully restored in silver/ blue special. Another top drawer lambretta.
martin dean
Martin Dean's,
 as it left the factory in Milan. Unmolested condition - stunning!
neal dungate agent O
Neal Dungate,
 Agent Orange ts1. Full blown rally bike that gets plenty of use one of Neal's collection.
Lancaster Brigade
paul dugdale
Paul Dugdale,
 Innocenti dl 150 in white from 1969. Another untouched factory standard Lambretta.
mark jackson
Mark Jackson
,Fully restored series three in light blue with tuned motor and plenty of chrome parts very classy
  a tribute to the sea, sea seasiders! Blackpool FC.Series 3 in tangerine and white .
paul li
Dean livesey
,stunning black and silver lambretta series 3 li,very well put together by Paul and Dean.
neals tv175
Neal Dungate,
1962 TV175 series 3.with all the period accesories
jamie kerr aus
Jamie Kerr
,this scooter gets the furthest travelled award been to Australia,soon to be back on UK soil, Italian gp,reflex spice paint, ts1motor.
Welcome Home Jamie.
neal gay bay
,on his tv175,i know we're a Blackpool club but put some clothes on ducky!!!!!
chris law
Chris Lawder's
 stunning innocenti Lambretta series two,in factory restored condition,with engine upgrade Now Chris has to wait for us to catch up!!, Coming soon will be Chris's latest scooter project watch this space.
scott burns gp175
Scott Burns,
 Lambretta grand prix 175,in Chelsea  blue and Hearts maroon,each to their own,great work Scott.
Brian Dean li3
Brian Deans
 immaculate Series 3 Lambretta in original spec ,a very well turned out scooter a credit to our club,one of Brian's collection of restored Lambrettas
Peter Maxwell's Spanish Winter model Li
pmax2 Here we have Pete Maxwell's TS1. Spanish Li
paddy gp Paddy's GP 200
 tn  Stan's , Special, with all new panels, headset mudguard, toolbox, in eyecatching Red/White, front and rear florida bars and plenty of chrome......